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New Product

  • (PoC)Push-To-Talk over Cellular or Radio over Cellular.
  • SIP/IP network instead of RF frequency.
  • Allows mobile users to create group sessions:
    • Voice and Data communications
    • 1-to-1 or 1-to-many sessions
  • PoC user experience is like using walkie-talkie
    • Dedicated “talk” button
    • Short talk bursts are copied from the one who talks to the others
  • Besides Voice, it is enriched with multimedia messaging
Unique Feature

Enhanced Coverage

  • Leverage on LTE/GSM networks for extensive global coverage

Lower Capex and Opex

  • Lower upfront investment
  • Shorter deployment and configuration time

Enhanced User Experience

  • Supports Despatching and Multimedia Messaging (Voice & Data communication)

Ease of Management and Improve Productivity

and Accountability

  • Resource Tracking
  • Call Logging


  • Enterprise Solutions and Applications


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